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Grace and Peace
Thank you for visiting the G-TWO Ministries page for Pastor Paul’s Prayer Partners’!!!
Pastor Paul often speaks about the Partners on the VOG Conference Calls and when he is speaking; this in turn has created a buzz of inquiries as to who or what exactly are “Pastor Paul’s Prayer Partners?”

To explain it simply, it is the most effective combination of both intelligent (not natural, but with understanding) and spiritual intercessory prayer.

We pray in faith, but according to God’s Holy Word so that we do not pray amiss.

We pray from our spirit, which is in constant communication with the Holy Spirit (He who dwells within and communicates to us what the Father is saying).

We have bi-weekly prayer focuses that we take before the Lord on our own at a set time everyday at 9 am… each partner according to what their availability allows.

We are also sent the urgent prayer requests of fellow Prayer Partners, including Pastor Paul.  Occasionally Partners email responses that are then forwarded to those who make the requests for prayer, and they prove to be helpful and encouraging.

However there are specific requests:
1- You must be–or sincerely strive to be–given to prayer.  There are teachings and encouraging words to help you with this.
2- You must be on the Saturday Morning Calls, which occur every other week (sorry this is non-negotiable… there is a roll call… but some mute their devices and listen in because they are traveling, working, etc.).

If you are interested in becoming one of Pastor Paul’s Prayer Partners, please send an email to saying “I would like to join Pastor Paul’s Prayer Partners!” so we can get you the information you need.
If you would like to help Pastor Paul’s Prayer Partners in their efforts…
CLICK THE LINK BELOW to securely make donations, Thank You!
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God Bless,

Prayer Call Team

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