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Here’s What People Are Saying About the VOG Conference Calls!!!


“Wonderful.  [The 40-Day] Journey is allowing me to hear God’s quiet voice.  Growing in a different way… Depending on Jesus.” [R.P.]
“Grace Mercy and Peace Pastor Paul… Thank you!  I hear the Lord speaking through YOU…  Thank you again for this journey, I need to see Jesus.” [L.P.]


[We] thank God for the morning prayer line,  it is such a blessing and helps us to discipline [ourselves] to hear from God every morning.  You and your staff are amazing, I appreciate the way God speaks through all of you.   I can tell that every minister that comes forth is prepared and on fire, you can feel the spirit working in everyone.
Our spirit is refreshed each morning waiting  in anticipation to start my day with God and VOG.  Continue to walk in what God has called you to and keep the prayer line going.  We listen when we are on vacation, we listen on our days off, and when we are sick.  The 40 day prayer journey is a blessing.  It has caused us to stop and take notice and be intentional about the time we spend with God.  It was a wake up call revealing how we can be so busy with work and not the master [B].
Thank you for this word today.  It’s been a long road.  I don’t always SEE the way.  Sometimes it feels as though I lost more than I gained.  But, I know that we walk by faith and not by sight,  I have to remind myself of this and know that God has great plans for me, regardless of how things appear.  So I continue to press on and fight that good fight of faith, knowing that things are working together for my good, even when I feel like I can’t take it another day…  Thank you for these prayer calls.  I know I am changing,  because my response is changing,  even when the situations don’t.  I haven’t given up, I’m just giving IT up…  To the one who holds my life and this world in His hands. [K.M.]
Just had to tell you that today’s devotion has shifted the course of my life… I found myself in your quotes from the clergyman and scholar Eugene Peterson.  What an epiphany!  God has begun transforming some previous thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions I had about what it means to be a “Successful Christian” …the journey continues …just had to let you know.  Thank you for your unquenchable thirst for the things of God.  May this year prove to be the best year of your life. [L. L.]
All that you have spoken has been on my heart.  You have truly connected with me.  I too have said that it is about us and our relationship and getting back to our focused in Him.  I am prayIing for full breakthrough at the end of this 40-day journey, and I am looking forward to a closer relationship with Him.  Thank you again for your obedience to the Spirit.  If more disciples were as dedicated and sensitive as you, the world would look much different. [S. C.]
Thank you so much, [Deaconess Stephanie Knight]…  I’ve been listening to your word in my car, on repeat, going on the fourth time around, now.  Inspiring and moving words to live by. And, [Elder Jenny Dean]… Needless to say… your prayers always do it for me, Hands down… I thank the Lord for you two… [B. J.]
Wow!!!!  I need a copy of the calls…  I need to re-listen, apply, and grow in my relationship with God so I know how to deal with myself and people.  My life needs a transformation.  All week has been a blessing and an eye opener. [L. P.]
GM&P [Pastor Paul], this morning’s devotional was so enlightening as you explained what the Word does and what the Holy Spirit does.  I couldn’t write fast enough – gotta get the recording! [S. J.]
Praise God, Thank you for the wonderful work of God you are doing to ensure people are …faithful and fruitful.  It is a pleasure to have gone through your website and have been greatly influenced with your teachings and ministry. [S. O.]
AV MWC 2015The Morning Wake-Up Call weekdays 5:45 am
AV GTWO LWLLunch With the Lord (Noonday Prayer) Wednesdays from 12 noon to 12:15
*All calls are eastern standard time.
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  1. Pastor Paul listening to the prayer line each and every morning is such a blessing to me and my family.please continued teaching the good news about God.we hear you in ct.

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