Close your eyes with me for a moment. Have  you ever thought about that day you can have that sense of Peace, Joy and Love? That day you have been looking for, for a very long time. That moment where you feel you are on an island standing in the ocean allowing the waves to knock you down into the refreshing waters. Seeing miles and miles of tranquility. Can you see yourself out of debt owing no one? Can you see yourself turning the key into your own home? Picture your heart being so in love with the dream of your life and that dream loves you in return. Imagine and Re-imagine that day wearing a smile that is hard to take away. Can you see it here on Earth or only in Heaven? I believe it can be here. Don’t doubt, keep your eyes closed. Take a flight anywhere of your delight. The place where you always wanted to go. You always talked about it, always read about it and others told you about it. Now it’s your turn be about it, you are on your way. Sit by the window and look at the clouds, aren’t they beautiful? You are en route, you haven’t reached your destination yet, but you can see it. The airline stewardess is telling you all of the great features there. Your heart is beating with the pulse of heaven. You have a while before you get there, so put your head back, put your headphones on and enjoy the journey. Take your seat belt off and roam around the cabin, the captain has this flight in His hands. You left everything behind and you’re headed for a peace mind. The Romance of your life is on this flight. You never thought it would come true, but God told you. Patience and Faith is what got you here. All you ever wanted to feel is waiting there. It’s time to land. You can see it from the blue sky. The welcome committee is waiting to say hi. Tears of your jubilee is running down your face, because of what you are about to embrace. The doors are open. There is no indoor terminal, you step right outside into the breeze of ecstasy. They look at you as you gazed in amazement, as they say “Hi”, what’s your name and all you can say is ……”FINALLY”  

DAY 24 – EVE


According to the Dictionary, the word “Eve” is always the day or period of time immediately before a special event or occasion.
There are certain things people do, like preparing the meals, buying gifts and wrapping them with anticipation of this special event.
More things are done on the day before, so you are not weary or disappointed.
I want to tell you, you are at the Eve of your life and there is a special moment in stored for you. You are at the break of day. Your dawn is about to set. So get ready for the special event of your life,  it’s going to be joyous, happy and a wonderful, so prepare yourself because……YOUR IN THE EVE OF YOUR LIFE.




As much as we would want things to go perfect in our world, there are times where things fall apart, it just doesn’t go the way it was planned. The Relationship, the job, the finances, the ministry, the Marriage and the friendships, sometimes things just go left.  What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you turn to? How do you feel after such a let down? Well, let’s see how God handled His own disappointment. In the Book of Genesis 6:6, God said “and it repented the Lord the He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart.” verse 17 said “and behold, I even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heavens; and everything that is in the earth shall die.” So you see, God was bothered at what He created, He was not happy with what we call “life” so to speak. He was so angry that He wiped out all mankind (save one family). Just think about it, The God who is perfect, The God who makes no mistakes, The God of Heaven and Earth, Started over. How can He being so Perfect and Omniscient make a decision to start over and He’s God? We as imperfect Human beings miss the mark so many times. We make poor choices, we error, but we too must make the choice to “start over.” No matter how it ended, no matter what you lost, no matter when it happened, just like God saved Noah….He also Saved you. You didn’t die in all of this. Hurt, yes, disappointed, yes, discouraged, yes, but not dead. Which means God’s hands is still on you. There is a great purpose for you. You are still on God’s mind. What happened did not change your destiny, it only altered your journey.  That situation should have taken you out, but God said start over. You should have lost your mind, but God said Start Over. You might feel like it’s too late, but God said Start Over. By His Grace you can do it. Look for new days, new vision , new life.There’s light inside of you, although everything around you seems dark.  There’s strength inside of you, even though the walls have fallen apart. Let me encourage you, “Start Over.” I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but start begins by starting. Start first in your mind, then feel it in your heart and let it take you from there. Make a “One Step Start”, into a new day. God will show you how. Re-build, Re-live, you’ve been Revived. You will look up as Noah did and see “Life” coming into your Ark. Maybe 1 by 1 or 2 by 2,  It will be something you never seen before. Don’t be surprised, God was in it this whole time and If the Potter can start over just think about what He’s using to start over.


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